so it's not about population control anymore

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It's just about money. I object to the mercenary approach in this reportage, but that's their gig over there at Quartz. China's one child policy, we thought, helped keep the planet's ability to feed us into some kind of approximation of a balance, even though they have definitely interfered with our ability to breathe. But, according to Google's figures taken from the World Bank, their population doubled over the last fifty years. Is that a World Bank mindfuck, a Google mindfuck, an absolutely outrageous immigration problem, or have we taken another jump into another dimension again?

Meanwhile, here in zero population growth central, the U.S. population has also doubled since I was born, and California's has more than tripled. This accounts for why home doesn't feel like home anymore, but it also makes the population charts and projections I was shown by state agency officials more than ten years ago look completely fantastically exaggerated... yet another hint of entry into another dimension.

Just last night I heard Graham Hancock talking about "the sphinx" just as though there were not two, and so we have not been put back into our original dimension. I want to know how many of you turned into alternate selves on me so I can gauge just how horrific a picklement I need to get myself out of, okay?

I think, actually, the trouble is really that "they" are lying about the population figures... while slaughtering millions apace... but I'm being paranoid about their reason for lying, surely? They're really just moving for a booming population of youthful worker idiots and making everyone too sick to make it to old age. Along with nearly everybody on earth going to be believing a lone nut killed JFK, that same nearly everybody will be thinking fifty-year-olds are the extremity of geriatric.

So, whatever the case, this only underscores our mandate to do everything healthy and cleansing of toxins we possibly can muster in our weakened condition. It means the onus is upon us to try even harder to break through our own mental conditioning to break their mental conditioning. We are responsible for the future of our species.