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Agent BB2 has brought us this sterling piece of work to illustrate precisely why I have batted away all the fear-mongering bits about Fukushima kicking up again lately. In another dimension, I would have done this work for all suffering sentient beings, but I'm not in that dimension, and, while I think, perhaps in error, it is mine to make even larger [more abstract] points, I am still filled with that sense of melty implosion from extreme gratitude in the face of the Southern Fried Science Guy's careful work to ease fear and redirect attention to reality. So I want to hug both BB2 and this bodhisattva.

jo6pac and BB2 and I have been talking about it some, and I brought up about that stupid TEPCO pristine spent fuel pool video we saw recently. Barnswoggle. Utter tripe. I'm not even going looking for the video to link. Just look at Unit 4 above. There's no fuel pool left alive there, maybe a shallow corner of it left closer to the innards of the ruin, but probably not and it's been this way for years. The danger now — assuming those rods are still radioactive, and I personally doubt it, but just assuming I'm wrong about that — is the release of more radiation from jostling the rods left in the wreckage in the game of pick up sticks in their effort to get them into dry containment.

The powderization of the twin towers on 9/11 is proof we can neutralize 3/11.

You're usually too busy to listen to every bit of support for that contention I have posted here, and, unfortunately, a lot of it you can't even go back to it when you finally get the time because of the fantastical rate at which YouBube disappears people's videos, and people's accounts, but I've listened to it all, and read up on it, and contemplated it, and worked it around every way to Sunday I can in my geriatric but still monster IQ, and I'm telling you there exists the technology to do this. Maybe they are only using it on themselves to keep themselves healthy, or maybe they decided it was too hard to make a seed vault that would save the sea creatures this would extinctify and just zapped Fukushima before it got out of hand.

OBVIOUSLY it is no sweat to keep you frightened out of your wits about it, while they crank out all this patently absurd balderdash about the pristine condition of Unit 4, because they've also got good old Benedict Arnie and good old anti-nukes warrior Helen Caldicott, not to mention pictures, out there on all the alternative media outlets and many of the MSM outlets as well. Arnie's the one who drew our attention away from Unit 3, the one that had plutonium in it, the one that might surely have killed everyone in Japan by now, to Unit 4's dire state of dishabille. I assert this, whether it is his intent, serves as a sort of limited-hangout in the great project of keeping the greatest number of not brain dead humans scared out of our wits.

OUT OF OUR WITS. That's the point.

But, even Helen, whose life has been about stressing the deadliness of nuclear energy, responds to the assertion of a dead zone in the ocean around Fukushima that, no, it's still alive, just radioactive. The same is true in the exclusion zone on land. No. Really.

So, please, read the piece at the image link carefully, and even if I am dead wrong about private physics technology having been brought to bear on Fukushima, it is still not as radioactive in the aggregate as the coal plants we also hate, and we will never fix this if we don't stop freaking out.