this time we get both hours

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Henrik and Thomas are darn upset. Even as neither of them ever misses a trick to offend the Bliss Ninnies, still, the Bliss Ninnies are the largest market on the internet and have been a huge part of their businesses. Sounds to me as though both of them are darn worried they are going to lose audience to Russell Brand.

Their approval of the amorphousness of the "movement" also screams the mercenary impulses at work here and their cowardice. They're saying, along with Brand, that it is best things remain as they are and we keep this a long lifetime of alternative intellectual filigree on the edifice of slavery. They're good at that.

This is why I revile the army of panderers to the Bliss Ninnies, but I have to point out that pandering to the Bliss Ninnies who are not brain dead yet is just an ongoing effort to make a silk purse out of a sow's ear.

I have stopped stumping for street protests and political movements because they are long since rendered ineffective and we can't waste our lives on that. I am interested in effectiveness, and, I'm sorry, the only things that have an effect are physical force and psychic clarity. I don't want violence. I revile it. But the masses just will not wake up in sufficient numbers to get this handled without it.

If you will not bodily force the psychopaths out of their control system, you have to engage yourself with awakening to reality or you are just a filthy coward, no matter how much intellectual filagree you try to apply.


Oh, and, every time I've ever taken one of those tests to identify my political leanings, I come out a hard left high libertarian, and I want to warn you that there is a move afoot to rebrand right libertarianism as "voluntaryism". Even though Henrik and Thomas gave some lip service to the problem of taking care of the old and the disabled, they kept it within relying on friends, family and neighbors voluntarily looking after these poor souls. Nothing about regular able-bodied people who can't get a living wage or start a business to provide their living. They're talking about Social Darwinism, and free market capitalism, just like our Republicans have been doing for decades, while insisting they are beyond that left/right polemic.