astronomy seems to be budging

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If you have the patience for this documentary, you can note some concessions creeping into their lurid language. They have, it seems, admitted that quasars are black holes... in other words, not very black, except intermittently... which spit back into our universe that which they take in... not very hole-like either. The good part about watching this is to see the shapes generated by theory now having been confirmed by observation. They are very suggestive of a very lot we've been hearing about from the scientific outcasts who have given me so much hope in recent years... the guys who make sense.

I think this fucks the mainstream on the issues of dark matter and of alternate universes, but, well, I'm sure I won't live to hear about it from them... to hear them say the P word... the dreaded plasma... the non-void of the void... the aether... the exactly crucial antique observation they have been loudly deriding for so long. Anyway, they are definitely conceding slightly to both Nassim Haramein and the electric universe guys. So maybe I'm just being negative.

If you have endured this hour, you might like to know how it turned out at our galactic core this summer... I did.