for sssssloooooooow people

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This young man makes me want to smack him almost every time he pops up. He's young. He's trying. He's digging out from bliss ninny just as hard as he can. But if he'd just get rid of the buzz cut I could pull out his hair and fix him.

I mean, BB2, so very agreeably, earlier today linked to another heartmath video in keeping with my overall project here, my desire to hound you into stopping and seeing. And, actually, the HeartMath Institute is too fucking slow for me, but they are the very souls of brevity, and believability, when held up against this action. I mean, for crapsakes, I had this much mapped before I even hit junior high, let alone the decades with the ancients I have spent since.

I'm not bragging! It's self-fucking-evident. It always has been. For everyone.

Snap out of it.


Half the time, same amount of info.