i have not been doing a good job

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I have resisted the outrageous awfulness emanating from Sibel Edmonds, even as I have also felt strongly that her viciousness needs to be exposed for what it is. I mean, I don't want to be engaging with that sort of action. It's too demoralizingly filthy and we all need our hearts lightened to whatever extent isn't outright delusional. I have been trying to deemphasize the just plain dastardly when it's just more divide and rule polemics or just more fake terror or just more gratuitous slaughter or just more genocidal Zionism or just more fear porn... all these things we've been taught we need to memorize to be intellectuals of probity and great energy... which does really help us on pop quizzes and whenever we want to make people feel like bugs at cocktail parties, but otherwise, honestly, just sucks the vitality all the way out of our organs and bones and synapses.

Even though I feel Michael Rivero is too adamant on the climate change issue, I was glad to find he had at least not gone off on the polar bear thing without some basis. I wish he'd tempered it a little, but he didn't. I know he is determined not to fall into us all being taxed into the streets by the psychopaths' plots to turn this into yet another way to suck us dry, which is all the PTB have in mind for addressing the problem at all. I am with him on that one because it won't fix anything except by a drastic involuntary and least humane of all human population reduction.

But he has a right to crow about this, and this is one of the links I used to refute Sibel's bile, but you might not even have been able to tell because I just slapped all that up here as quickly as possible, with as little explanation or attempt at clarity as my aching head could bear, because I hate it too much to try to be careful with it. If you could bring yourself to endure the crap from her I linked, you will notice she spent a fair amount of hot air on the impossibility of encrypting information against the prying of the state. We should all know that's not true, but I don't think we all know why, and I wonder how many, given a moment to think about it, would suppose people like Greenwald and Snowden, et al., would not know exactly how to handle that material such that any of us could be walking around with it on thumb drives and never be able to crack it.

They did not go buy their encryption off the shelf. I'm not even that dumb, let alone them.

So, anyway, I have mostly left my slapdash methods stand and if you have some question about how I think they apply or what I meant by them, just ask and I will explain why, where I seemed to just leave you to follow my reasoning on your own.