i've been hinting all day

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I listened last night to a talk by a right-leaning Catholic man about what really might have been motivating Hitler. I don't want to run around checking into the veracity of everything he said. I already have checked the veracity of a couple things he said, and so I know the man is not off his head. Plus, now I'm trying manfully to listen to him defend it against the shrillness of a couple women trying to beat him down.

If you have gathered the will to hear him out, you might notice there is a kind of coherence to this thesis that starts smoothing out some of the rough edges on history as it has been told to us... and, despite my good mood today, it keeps coming back to me that we should be considering heavily that the Germans were never the Nazis. I mean, not only are we, and Israel, the Nazis now, but were back then too.

Bearing this in mind, I come across PCR here tonight. I think PCR is right about us cruisin' for a third world war. In fact, I don't think anyone with half a brain would doubt that, but I am certain that Russia and China and their friends have long held in place the strategy of staving "us"—those of us under the thumbs of these immortal psychopaths—off till we are incapable of prosecuting such a global catastrophe... try to quietly absorb as many insults as possible while stolidly continuing to help us sink gingerly into the quicksand of insolvency, be building up their defense capabilities while ours wane, slowly cut off our resort to the supremacy of the dollar on the international stage. Just use their heads long enough to save as many lives as is humanly possible. So far, so good, and the really good news is that almost everybody everywhere is four square against WWIII and getting further from being ripe for being tricked into it.

We just have to keep our hearts set on the defeat of the psychopaths and peace on earth, keep seeing as far into the perfidies as we can to keep our certainty on target. They have been this intent on mindfucking us for so long because that is their only chance. We're the only ones who can take that chance away from them. Russia and China and many other countries are trying very hard to help us, but it's ours to win or lose.


Again, I go off thinking about it. It doesn't drop outta my head. I lived through the shrill women just denying what Condit asserted, with cites, and calling it a "debate". I wonder why anybody bothers anymore. It then popped into my head that this may also explain the Liberty. So now I want to listen even more.

I may be a rabid libertarian, but so far to the left I about drop off the chart, so socialism seems to me the only monetary system on earth that could be something like fair to everybody if, if, if, if, if we could ever get people to administrate it properly. However, fuck money. Fuck everything to do with it. It's the root of all our problems. Yes, greed, hate and delusion are rootier even than that, and rooting that out might make socialism work out okay, mostly, but any system that places people along the hierarchy of needs in order to function is just plain evil.

People naturally break out into other hierarchies when everyone's equal on the needs spectrum. Natural leaders come to the fore. They get there by virtue of their positive attributes, their talents, their courage, their intellect, their love, their humility, their fairness, their performance. People always whine to me about what on earth would motivate people to work in a world without money.

Self respect.

Social status.

Peer approval.


Get real.

I mean, I need to mention this stuff when I'm listening to right-leaner believers in "rugged individualism" [aka fat bank accounts] because, much as I agree with them about so much, I cannot brook their utter failure to account for the ability to eat being such a major part of what constitutes their individuality. If their monopolies prevent you from eating, you are not an individual and, while they don't say it, or only slap stupid bandaids on it, you cease to be an individual in their world. You go straight to starved to death. If you press them on this, they start talking about laziness being the culprit. We already know that's horse shit, but even if it were not, this means they think you should die if you are lazy.

These are the kinds of things I have to set off across my desk from me to listen to people hissing about the evils of socialism and communism, even now that I finally know what they mean by those terms. It isn't what I mean by them. Still, some of us were taught that socialism is fascism and some of us were taught that they were two entirely different things. I'm in the latter camp, but it's still stupid.