limited hangout

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It's not just the gluten. There are toxic proteins in the grain... particularly wheat. And all grain has gluten. And beside all the business of monsantoing it, it isn't supposed to be part of the human diet! It never was. Never. We started out as hunter gatherers. We hunted meat. We gathered fruits and nuts and roots and vegetables. We didn't gather grass... not to eat. Still, this has historically not been quite so lethal until wheat chemistry changed. I know about this. It may actually have been the cause of my thyroid problem, and not just an aggravator of it.

I bless the day in mid-February I decided to listen to Tony Pantalleresco about cutting out grain... all grain. It did not go smoothly. I was perfect for the first month or so, but later caved in three times on wheat because I was too damn hungry and it was too damn hard to get to something without wheat in it in time. Still, all three times were really small cheats. Still, each time I was barfing up my toes approximately two hours after eating it. Until there was not one molecule of it left in my body. Epic hurling. Whole body, power barfs with snot and tears and saliva and sweat flying in all directions. I'm telling you, it was too intense for merely leaning over the toilet bowl. I'd've broken a leg or arm, or cracked my head open, from the paroxysmal bouts. I had to sit on the toilet and barf into the waste basket to keep from hitting the floor.

A couple of other times I resorted to my stock of Cream of Rice when there was nothing else in my house and I needed to put off the trip to the grocery store. That does not make me barf, but does make me out of it for a few days after eating it, but I haven't done that in six months or so. And I feel radically better.

After my tooth abscess debacle, I even became too pilled-out to endure all the supplementation another minute. Just couldn't take even looking at the bottles of good stuff right in front of me here, and said, fuck it! I'll take them again when I have the fortitude for it. If I don't get it, tough. Fuck it all. This is too hard to keep track of and I can't eat and supplement.

For many months I have only eaten pork chops, or beef, or bacon... with whatever cheese... an occasional apple... some occasional vegetables... coffee... and whatever dairy anything I can. I did that tea/lemonade fast for three days. I switched from synthetic thyroid back to natural thyroid. Lower dose.

My head cleared. So did some hitherto intractable skin creep-outs. Radically less trouble with inflammation. I weigh twenty-two pounds less than I did when I started. It would be a lot more but I have had to lose the same ten ice cream pounds a couple times in there. It's really true that the carbs have to stay loooooow or you're blowing it. I am the test case. I have been there and done it. You can take my word for it.

I am stunned to report that I feel nearly fit for life on this planet again. And this is still improving. I am not the only one whose body and health are recovering by this means. I know how hard it is to give up cereal and bread and cookies and cupcakes and corn chips and thickened gravy and cocktails and banana splits. I know how hard it is to eat out in the world when you have nixed grains from your diet. I know. I know. I know. But I also know how amazingly better you end up feeling... and looking... after you do it.

Even if you don't give a fuck how fat you are, and I don't think I would if it were not for excess weight giving me sleep apnea, losing weight... and bulk... is just a fringe benefit. It's your health. It's your improved vitality that make this mandatory. The list of dread conditions and diseases that go away when you go paleo is loooong. Big things. Killer things. Stuff the doctors only poison you down from the will to live with.

It's not a small improvement.

It's huge.