lort knows i try

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I try to listen to as many of GeorgeAnn's interviews as I can stand, despite so many of them being religious nuts. I particularly always, at least once a month, do my almighty best to listen to her with David Sielaff, who is a very nice man. It is exceptionally hard to get into a dispute with him that really feels satisfactory because he seems incapable of being nasty in conversation. He tries harder to be a good Christian than any Christian I ever heard of. Still, when there is dispute, he unerringly defaults to the literal word of the Bible. He can so patiently deal with any controversy by resort to that book it defies synaptic motility.

I do this for a number of reasons. I learn things. My father used to like to listen to a co-worker hold forth in this way, much to my mother's supreme irritation. I have a cousin who is an avowed religious kook, but is darn wonderful anyway. And since I have never in my life been able to gather the patience to read further than Genesis, I figure this is good for me.

Can I help it if in the middle of it my brain starts echoing with Led Zeppelin?

It's probably Satan.