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This would be about the mercenaries not wanting to support the bumpkins, no?

Since you might not be a Californian, you might want to know which "state" name goes where on the map at the link. Blue would be Jefferson. Purple would be North California. Yellow would be Silicon Valley. Red would be Central California. Green would be West California. And orange would be South California.

I know the people of the Jefferson area would be pleased as punch to be quit of the rest of this state, and we'd do just fine, even with our lack of industry, because everybody on the planet wants to come here for their vacation, and we grow the best dope on earth... and we have enough water for both our flora and our fauna.

But let me give you a better idea. Blue Jefferson will be wild hipneck territory. Purple North will be tame arty territory. Yellow Silicon will be psychopath materialist territory. Red Central will be farming and meth labs. Green West will be Hollywood. Orange South will be Mexico... with gated retirement parks and meth labs.


Hey, BB2 and I were just talking about this earlier... and, bam, the map shows up.