putin is so nice

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I have said it before, but it bears repeating. Vladimir Putin started out on a course with the vicious filthy fucks who looted Russia that was both more than they deserved, or could in a hundred lifetimes, and extremely stern. He told them they could keep their ill gotten gains, but if they messed around in any way with Russian politics their asses would be in prison so fast their heads would swim. There is, after all, an endless litany of charges that can righteously be brought against each and every one of them. He kept his word. He continues to hold that line.

This makes him wiser and braver and more compassionate toward living things than I have been for sure. I wouldn't have been able to forget all the people's lives they ruined and ended so inhumanely. I would have wanted those billions back to use to make life better for the people. I would have forgotten all their fellow psychopaths around the world who would then have made it Priority One to squish not just me but the rest of the limping Russians had I done that, and all the mindfucked millions at home and abroad would have believed it had all been in the cause of freedom. Because of Putin, I know better now.

He has kept the psychopaths perpetually in a position to feel they could worm their way into what they want, given time. Not thrown into a panic by a precipitous loss of capital, they can continue to feel they are on the chessboard while Putin elevates the prospects for all. Yes, they have managed to make his name the cue for morons to start sneering, but people with vision can see plainly that he has done more to help Russia and the people of the world than anyone since... since... since who? Yes, maybe he is building up to be able to fight WWIII. How could he not? Even if he'd never go there unless dragged, it's suicide... no... wait... genocide... not to do that. We live in this world after all.

Still, this commentary is sorely lacking. He's telling the psychopaths he's not out to supplant them. He's only holding his line. This fuming fuck has done almost all of his sentence, and can be sentenced immediately again for another of his perfidies the minute he might resume fucking with Russia.