she's jealous she's jealous she's jealous

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Having never the courage to blow her whistle, Sibel Edmonds is jealous. Struggling along with her crappy website, with all the crybabies who would never do the thing that would make us take them seriously, she's just outright jealous... and trying to get that klieg lamp on her own shortcomings out of her life.

I agree that letting us know we are being watched could well be what the psychopaths want. I agree that Greenwald's slowness and now his association with Omidyar is a little scary. But it's also feasible that, much as we disrespect it, the people who participated in cutting off Wikileaks' funding were doing it under threat of losing their businesses. It's possible Omidyar is doing this get into a position to take that power away.

And, I wonder what tune she'd be singing if he had come to her to start his news business, eh?

I am sick to death of all the flak from the "whistleblowers" who for all their sound and fury have not said to us what we are supposedly in need of hearing in all this time. They've taken oaths, say they. The court has gagged them, say they. Never mind that the country is burning down and the ashes raked into the bowels of hell. Their oaths to psychopaths prevent them from revealing what it takes to make sure it gets stopped. Well, Snowden didn't let any of that crap prevent him, and the public is duly appreciative where we never could be with all her shilly-shallying. She wasn't up for throwing her life away to save us, and neither were the people in her group. Snowden was. Sour grapes.

How do you like Sibel Edmonds calling Glenn Greenwald [Vital listening!!!] an "ambulance chaser"? That's rich.

She's jealous. She's ashamed. She's going on the attack because she can't stand it.

And all the blather about Glenn and his lover running around with suitcases full of this top secret information being incredible is also bogus. They have to run around with it, and it's encrypted, and nobody who'd stop them could be sure it was all of it or any of it or even if they could break the encryption and there are copies of it all over the world. So doing publicly more than hassling the fuck out of them at airports would totally defeat anyone trying to stop them.

All the blather about the horribleness of Snowden giving Greenwald carte blanche with the documents is also bullshit. He took what he thought was most damning and not going to put lives in jeopardy, organized it all impeccably, and gave it over to people he trusted both could and would double and triple and quadruple check that real matters of national security would not be revealed while illustrating to the whole world precisely how perfidious are the psychopaths who are quite nearly in charge of the entire planet by now.

Even if this actually were a limited hangout and all is not exactly as it appears, this still demonstrates how regular people can take down the fascist fucks who are making life hell for everyone, but someone so famously, and tediously, unwilling to make herself part of the dead pool to ever actually make the world stand up and take notice of anything more vital than her cute ass should just, please, either go away or cease helping to muddy up our way to the truth, stick to her little crappy site and just deal with that klieg lamp by hiding under her bed until it goes away.

Yes, Glenn, this is too fucking slow. Get to it before WWIII, will you?

But, Sibel, shut up.


Oh, excuse me, I should have said, "Congratulations on being so far out."