tough slog

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I have been through all my bookmarks to the denizens of Out There and it's all ISON bits bursting into human-killing cells and homeless people being put to work killing themselves at Fukushima and crop circles abandoning crops in favor of a range of mediums and a confusing array of aliens about whom we've never even heard before sending us dire warnings of global events of such catastrophic import that we better mother fucking get so drunk tonight that we can kiss our asses good-bye before it's too late.

Finally, I thought to check Ben's gig. He still sounds as looney as ever, but, I still feel I should mention that the stuff Farrell and Fitts are talking about is based on nearly identical information. The difference, of course, is that they sound dignified and Ben sounds crazy. I mean, I don't know if you care, or ever bother to listen to any of them, but these three people actually do have one thing in common. They are all working off a scenario that, wild as it seems, makes world events all fit into one cogent theme. We are so trained to treat psychedelia as normal and rational and truth as bonkers that we have a heck of a time discerning fundamental points. That serves psychopaths and kills us. That's the point of it.

Anyway, Ben, out of all the creatures of the far fringes troubled himself to give a positive outlook for the coming year. That's also not an insignificant contribution.