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Last I heard there was a move to put Jefferson's border clear over here to the coast, but, well, Cascadia sounds more like it to me. We are ever so more pro-forest over here than they are over on the eastern slopes of the Coastal Range, and, personally, Cascadia would cover the places on the planet dearest to me.


I have been trying to find evidence of what real work beside fund raising might be going on with this, and I'm only coming up with stuff that is giving me the uneasy feeling that this is just a progressive fascist's wet dream... something for college professors to pontificate about every so often... not something serious... or not the right kind of serious... so far as I've seen.

I could, of course, go batshit and become the Queen of Cascadia, start rattling cages myself, but, heavy sigh, that would make me have to get in the fund raising business along with the ten or fifteen other fund suckers out there only providing websites and wimpy ideas... and some of them sounding darn Agenda 21 about it too. This would be a total hit with our neighbors in Jefferson. I tell you what! We'd be at war before we even got our constitutions ratified.

Maybe I should concentrate on a Zen propaganda campaign that is in favor of both entities. That might head it off at the pass. I could, like, build my cabin right smack dab on the border, straddling it, so as to keep the enlightened dynamic flowing in both directions... emit koanic frequencies to both blot out the killer waves from the psychopaths and keep the peace. Of course, it is to be expected that I would die at some point, and then all hell would break loose.



For any of you out there wishing to work on your perfection of patience, I can suggest this GeorgeAnn Hughes interview [mp3, please right click and download to save her money]. Ordinarily, I wouldn't even bother to suggest one of these to you, because we're not talking any kind of seasoned scholar or researcher here. Just a fellow who takes things seriously and is just about awful in his oratorial acumen. Looong befuddled pauses while groping for notes, uhhhhms and ahhhhhhs and droning... so we are not talking high quality linkage this time, but he is discussing the Russian Revolution and the Nazi takeover of Germany as they apply to what is happening to our country right now, and what would be happening if any of these idealized secessionist movements ever got rolling. So if you feel patient enough to listen, I think it would be good for your clarity.

Someone tried to give me the dharma name "Oceans of Resistance" decades ago, and so the fact that I could sort of two thirds listen to this means that I am making headway in my little plate load of perfections. This could be your key to nirvana. You never can tell.