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I can't bear listening to any of our politicians, but I love listening to Putin and Medvedev and Lavrov.... Seriously. They always speak, and act, like serious and dedicated public servants. So I respect them. I root for them.

Leave it to Stephanopoulos to sit there in such studied attention and then fart with his mouth whenever he opened it... just like our politicians... only less threatening, if just as stinky. Of course, it is always these fucks from the networks who get to go speak with world leaders and they all only fart with their mouths when they do. It struck me while I was listening to this that I have felt "blue pill media" to be entirely too lame for their label here. They are our state media. Let us stop deluding ourselves we can humiliate them into acting right. We'll all feel better.

And are the women of China as hot for Putin as all that? Who knew?