good news and bad news

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I think a class action to enforce the 4th Amendment on the government is a great idea. Unfortunately, someone who's clearly mostly trying to get himself on the map for the 2016 presidential nomination is the one who's pushing it. The fund raisers are licking their chops. I can't make up my mind about this. I don't have confidence he will get it vigorously prosecuted. I feel as though he would certainly start well, but that would make the psychopaths start throwing him bones, and, I guess, depending on the size of them, the suit would be less and less of a priority.

Of course, a class action can proceed without its lead plaintiffs, but then the momentum is severely impeded.

I would prefer his mode of signing people up for it not be this little overlay for his 2016 page. That would be a good start. I would prefer he have a site that makes explicit who's going to be handling the case, and all the specs in the complaint, and the projected costs of the suit, and the special fund set up for it, before he starts asking people to sign up for it and contribute to it.

As it is, it just looks like theater. He wants to show how many millions of people are behind the 4th Amendment and a donation on his 2016 site means you are donating to him and not the suit.

In short, it looks too much like a mere stunt.