i am now officially thrilled with my day

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I was dreaming something, a term, one I did not want to forget, but am only about 70% there. Started to wake up and make sure it couldn't get away, but then slammed back into dreaming and the phone rang. It was a woman telling me that 86 had kissed her. I said, "Did you like it?" There was a silence on the other end that told me she had not maybe hated it, but didn't want it. So I materialized in front of 86 and told him off. He was not in the mood to be told off. Gave me guff. I smacked him in the kisser... and came back home. It suddenly dawned on me the woman who called with the complaint probably didn't realize she should hold on, that it would only take a minute.

How could she know my powers?

And, then, so, anyway, I got to the post office in time to hold up the truck to take the naturopathic antidepressant goo I made for Old Uncle Dave out with today's mail. Very soon he will stop his long slide into crotchety old coot... recover some of his chi. I'm sure of it. I modified Tony's recipe. I used a pint of everclear to extract the vanilla and pepper and mix it in with the honey. We need an extra-strong batch for this, and it can't be a pain in the ass for him or he won't bother with it. It's now so all he has to do is spoon it into his mouth.

Then I went and bought all the stuff I forgot to buy last week at the store. I smiled at everyone. I told people which of the health food section chips were actually completely healthy. I resisted the Cherry Garcia sale. I gave a fellow my bonus points at the checkout stand and he thinks I'm a darn nice person. I love perspicacity in my fellow shoppers....

But this, now this, this has definitely, definitely, definitely made my day.