i can stop trying to defend glenn greenwald now

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Jo6pac has found Greenwald himself. I didn't know he'd resumed blogging while all this other stuff is going on. A lot of questions are answered on his blog, at least well enough for anybody to be able to find ways to check the veracity of what he says.

I think the primary problem has been that he's not into the 9/11 truth type journalism. I have said it before, but it bears repeating, insisting that someone be a truther on the matter of 9/11 before you will respect them is folly. A bunch of people have sworn themselves to this, and it boils down to just one more way to help the psychopaths keep us divided. It makes us weak enough to be kept enslaved and the planet looted. You have to face the fact that most Americans have chosen to ignore the truth of 9/11 so that they can continue to draw a paycheck, continue to be welcome in "polite company", continue to get along in this world without their lives and lives' works being trashed... and staggering losses to the whole world from them being silenced. Not everyone has the luxury of even the time it takes, let alone the loss of hard won respect within the institutions that provide their livelihoods.

You can't besmirch, say, Sy Hersh, for it! That's crazy! He's been the mainstream's way of having the first part of a clue, often singlehandedly, for decades. You want to flush that? Are you nuts?

I'm okay with flushing Amy Goodman, despite how much good work she has done in her life, because she's only ever been heard by progressive fascists and I don't want to be counted among them. No, I don't write all of them off because a bunch of the best of them still don't grok that progressivism is fascist, or if they do, they're still not sure that can't be fixed, want to work within that community to make a better world. This would include Glenn Greenwald and Jeremy Scahill. I'm creeped-out that they've got Froomkin onboard because I revile HuffPo to the point where my browser only ever lands there when I've forgotten to glance at the status bar before clicking a link. Usually it's from sites I wouldn't suspect of linking there.

Murdoch's filthy pandering and propaganda is far easier to bear than that.

I feel similarly about MSNBC, anyone on it, especially that scumbag... whose name I just had to google! Rachel Maddow. Filthy cow. And almost all political sites on the internet... especially progressive ones. People don't come much lefter than me, and not much more libertarian either. This seems to give me enough distance from the stupid partisan squabbling to actually see the main drivers for it. All of us who have been on the net for the last ten years have enough experience by now to know that shit for the poison it is. We have to be clear enough on it by now to hear the fascism, see the tentacles of the lie reaching out through them.

And The Daily Show? Even the sainted Colbert? That pig Maher? All. Wealthy on our pain.

But Glenn Greenwald and Jeremy Scahill, particularly, have always stood out from this bunch of excessively clean mindfuckers. I have had moments where I was disappointed by them, but hours and days and weeks and months where I was downright thrilled by their spectacularly good work. I admit I do so prefer to put everyone whose work I admire on a pedestal, be their fan for life, agree 100% with everything they say or do, rest in the knowledge of their infallibility, but the key word here is "rest". I have that motherfucking lethal human urge to relax and rely on others. So, I had never heard of Laura Poitras before this Snowden thing. I'm taking Glenn's word for her virtues because what I've seen of her squares with what he says about her, and I can say, even as they disappoint me sometimes, these are the cream of the cream. These people are our best hope of punching through the wall of tyranny, even though they are not 9/11 truthers.

For however emphatic my style, I'm not dim enough to suppose everyone can be treated as in or out, black or white, good or bad, friend or foe, right or wrong. It's trite to bring up shades of gray, and what gripes me about things that trite is that they are almost always the closest to absolute truth to be found in our lives together and everybody is so used to them they just skip over them without heeding them anymore.

I remember years back when Fire Dog Lake was willing to side with the guy who wants to drown government in the bathtub in order to try to get real healthcare. I loved that, hoped it would help unify the divided, even as I was full of the sick feeling it wasn't going to work on the healthcare problem.

Nowadays I find I agree with, oh, fuck, wait, I gotta google for his name... Grover Norquist. I agree with him radically more than almost all progressives. Unless we can figure out and implement a body of public servants who do their jobs and cannot tyrannize any of us, I'm with Norquist... just probably not for the same reasons Norquist is with Norquist. Mox nix. We gotta drown these fucks in the bathtub before we're all drowned in the toxic sludge they have created.

For the most part, truthers have turned out to be more of a hinderance to our path out of tyranny than anything else. This isn't, of course, completely their fault. So much has been thrown in by friends and foes alike to muddy the waters and create infighting that it's ruined. If there are those out there ignoring all this flapping and yelling, noses to the grindstone, finding bits they can and will use to get the perps prosecuted, I'm behind them with every fiber, but that still doesn't make me willing to put up with the shrill and ugly and untrue and stupid and fantastical and, did I already mention ugly? horse shit coming out of self-styled truthers and aimed at the people who are actually performing on the imperative to fight these psychopaths instead of just sitting back and whining about them for donations to their websites, whining filthy, despicable, low stuff for a living... calling it "journalism".

The only reason they get attention is because we are all so desperate to get out of this benighted soup they call a society. The entire problem is the secrecy, the science kept from us, the political tricks kept from us, the murders that keep getting passed off as something else, the spying, the drug trafficking for the trillions needed to underpin the black budget, the theft, the enslavement we have been duped into calling "freedom", the endless poison propaganda that is in direct opposition to reality.

Despite all the dirty stuff we're used to thinking up to be suspicious, Edward Snowden, Chelsea Manning, Julian Assange, Jacob Appelbaum, Laura Poitras, Sarah Harrison, Glenn Greenwald, Jeremy Scahill ... have done more to free us from tyranny, have actually performed on this duty to all living things—Stop doing and perform!—than any of the other activists... most better called inactivists... because they just make ugly noises, or jokes, or endless strings of cleverisms off the bits of information they glean from honest and dishonest sources... and rake in dough they can't or won't earn by honest labor... this includes Sibel Edmonds.