i don't know how i feel about this

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I don't know. I don't know. I do not approve of zoos. I guess I'd approve of them if they were just filled with animals from the wild who'd been hurt or suddenly lost their habitat or were so close to extinct only breeding in captivity might turn the tide... and I hate it because I fully admit I was mad about the zoo as a child. Not very much more exciting than that. I loved it to bits. Except, not even back then could I shake the feeling that it was wrong. So, but, this?

Is there a reason for it? Other than we can?

I know there are some domestic cat breeders who have started lines with some wild cat genes. I actually think that is a good idea... if they don't then inbreed them to a short-lived pulp. I mean, I think it's a good idea to breed cats who have been inbred to a short-lived pulp with cats who have not... and those would be either wild or your basic willy-nilly neighborhood accident type plain old domestic cats... though those are becoming fewer, at least out here in the boondocks, if not in the metropolitan areas... but... then those will probably be inbred to a short-lived pulp. Basically, I question if people are really competent to this sort of thing.

I've been around horse breeders my whole life. Most breeds are doing okay, except, so notably, thoroughbreds. And purebred dogs have been in an even more abysmal condition for practically my whole life. The hips. That's a travesty the size of Jupiter.

Anyway. Can't we figure out better ways to be with animals?