i guess we have to keep worrying about mister north

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He may even be trying to get through to us and the packets are just freezing in the cable. I always think I don't think of others, but it's much more complicated than that. I never stop thinking of others. They keep turning into my mental population on me. It becomes hard to suss what I've actually said to them from what I've only said in here, just exactly as though I'd said it out there in meat space. Still, since there's this blog, I can tell I have not expressed my concern yet.

Dude! Mister North! I hope you are warm and healthy.

The whole deal with me ending up where I did was weather imperatives. California had mostly become too warm for me, except on the coast, and affording the coast is a neat trick. I was looking in Washington and Oregon, and drooling over cabins in Bella Coola, BC that I was finding online. I maybe would've ended up there if not for the sudden need for surgery crashing right into my sudden need for a new roof over my head. We had not been able to get'er done by the time I was out of my mandatory convalescent residency at Billy's place in Stinson... my mother dragging her feet to countermand my father in furtherance of her own way again... nothing ever changes there. So, anyway, this was the most doable within the sudden advent of time constraints.


I had been enjoying all the mental sweaters and phantasmagorical leggings and uggs that were going to become part of my wardrobe, the wood burner, the bathtub, the acres of comforters on my bed, all the things that keep you warm in the north. Most of them were mooted by this move. Not the bed. There actually came an even better bed here than the one I had. The former owner left it. It was brand new... and specially made extra boofy... stupidly comfortable... bigger than a twin... but smaller than a double... just right for this sleep aerobiciser. Truly excellent.

Otherwise, not so much.

Actually, not at all.

Aside from it being shelter at all, that is.

So, now, BB2, who hails from the wilds of Wisconsin, but who's definitely, definitely, definitely made the transition to Californian, because he is bitching about the drought, and jo6pac and I are all over here on the Left Coast, in our t-shirts and sneakers, gaping at the pictures of your travails.