i know i've brought this up before

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But... I must repeat myself. The man on the planet to have come the closest to making me completely blank out with hormonal upheaval on first sight has got to be Mickey Rourke. I mean, there have been a few that got me there after a few more looks, grew on me darn fast, but Mickey Rourke just made every womanly molecule in me blow up instanter.

I'm pretty darn good at this. I can retain my objectivity admirably long and, actually, then decide it's okay to have the hots for a guy if he seems to be merely darn attractive, as opposed to gaudily handsome... and mostly it takes more than just a look. I need to feel him. His voice is very important. All sorts of things. But....

This is the worst travesty in the history of manhood.


He's morphed again!

I was dying of it while scrolling down the page.

When I hit the picture of the younger him, my female ions splatted all over my computer monitor! Immediately. I can't describe how fast. So fast that if I had ever actually been in physical proximity to him he'd've had to dial 911. I mean, there would have been a bolt of scalar waves and I'd've dropped and been unable to speak. Maybe he would not have misunderstood enough to call an ambulance. Probably not. But if anyone else were around they wouldn't have known what hit me.

I think he is a truly great actor, but I hated all his movies for having other people in them.

The only ability to retain my individuality was not to drop everything in my life to go find him. So I used that. This is why I understand stalkers and completely condemn them at the very same time. I mean, I'm dead certain he would at least have been temporarily thrilled to meet me, but I'd have been, literally, a piece of insentient slave meat. I don't know how long he'd've wanted that around... well... maybe forever. Some guys go for that. And I so never would've known the difference....

Maybe his horrific shoe thing would've snapped me out of it.

Probably not, because I would have been utterly useless to him as arm candy. He could have kept me in the barn.