i'll take the glass and gold lalique

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Thank you.

I am reminded of the search for Trisha's perfect wedding ring. It was a couple thousand years ago, but a memorable endeavor anyway. She was not going to buy one from a store. It was going to be handmade for her, but she needed to decide on a design. So we definitely hit every single jewelry store in the East Bay, no matter how obscure, to help give her a sense of certainty about it. My feet were killing me. Had it not been for this important an item, I'd still be bitching about it, because I am so not big on jewelry. Really simple to marry me. Two thin gold bands. Size five. No license. No priest. No judge. No official. No party. Just you and me. In the woods....

Anyway... ??? Oh! Trisha's ring. I took an interest in every ring in every store so as to be able to consult on the matter of the design. I had to look at all this stuff from that point of view, otherwise I would have just hated it all... all... all except one ring... in one store. It was a simple round moonstone with a face carved in it, set in plain silver. My heart leapt. I wanted that ring. The clerk assured me I had magnificent taste. It was a Lalique. The most expensive piece in the store.

Hell. It was the most expensive piece in any store.