jan irvin is a total putz

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And so are the idiot "scholars" who throw in with him.

Fucking hell.

He has recently released yet another installation in his seemingly immortal smear campaign, the same gig as with the eyelash batter, against as many of our heroes as he can think to throw in. I'm not linking it. I don't dignify ill-tempered putzes. What I want to do is scream.

I just tried to listen to it... not because it's anything of merit to listen to that twat, but because I thought I should keep half an ear on it as a way of keeping track of the progress of his cynical enterprise... his enterprise of capitalizing on the disillusionment of weak minded, weak spirited, former bliss ninnies. Yes, the denizens of the New Age are legion and too many of them are monied. You can invent a new alien race to be in contact with and rake in the dough, but Jan, and Sibel, are finding their niches by exploiting the dropouts, the ones who are not yet brain dead... but still teetering on the verge... and that is a lot of people. They bear half an ear for anyone who needs to strengthen their command of their digestive system, or who wants to be able to help fish someone out of that bottomless pit should the opportunity present itself. Otherwise, best to dress in some sort of mirrored cloth to help that cynicism demoralize its purveyors instead of us.

I didn't make it but a few minutes into it when he started in on his horseshit about the CIA not having any documents responsive to his FOIA request meaning that Terence McKenna was one of their agents. When a government agency, a legal entity, responds with this wording, it means they don't have what you asked for, not that they've chosen not to be responsive. Government agencies also, by law, cannot provide all information on individuals that may be in their files, but, within legal constraints, if they say they don't have anything responsive to your request, that means they got nothing, or nothing they can give you. So his purported "proof" McKenna worked for them is no such thing. On its face. In fact, if he put a FOIA in for me, their response would be identical.

People give him money to produce this crap.