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There are, now, of course, a lot of other riveting speeches to pick from, in particular this one. I'm having to listen to it a second time because Applebaum has left me in the dust, despite also giving me a really good idea about the breadth of the mechanisms used to ruin our lives. He clearly has had access to documents one filthy rube over in Bend has been bleating are being kept from those who need them most by some money grubbing porn king in Rio.

He is not in charge of a $250 million news organization. He is the lead in a nonprofit investigative journalism unit that has been endowed with $50 million dollars. That is not his money. Even though I'm sure his salary there will be big, it won't be anything approximating the size of that chunk of startup cash. It is not the advance on his book. Omidyar is not publishing his book. He has not gotten a quarter-of-a-billion-dollar advance for anything. There are no Snowden leaks being paid to go into his book. His book is not about the leaks. It's about the whole process of getting together with Snowden... though at least there is some probably hyperbolic reason to think that....

Vetted journalists are being given free access to documents pertinent to their areas of concern and expertise, but not open access to all the documents. There is already a nice long list of documents already made public over the last six months... which you should bookmark if you did not already.

He has not held back on the matter of Palantir, as he has been accused by some to have done, and further, neither he nor Omidyar is connected to that entity. There are no documents regarding eBay or PayPal we have any evidence are being, or will be, withheld, and every reason to expect will be reported if there are any.

Omidyar is the founder of eBay, not PayPal. He bought PayPal outright, years after its founders had turned it into a going concern. They are not his partners, or even his friends as far as I can tell. Some of them are part of Palantir and Greenwald has already blown the whistle for Snowden on them. Listen to the damn keynote speech.