my trip to the grocery store

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I had about three things I wanted to do and three that I needed to do. I was going to go for the wanting instead of the needing, put that off until tomorrow, except, luckily, before I was all the way out my drive and onto the road I realized I was going to be extremely lucky if I made it to the gas station. This was not the direction I'd intended, but, well, I'll just try to shorten my walk to the gas station and forget what I want.

I made it to the gas station, amazingly... on fumes... my car was starting to sputter. Close shave. Okay. Okay. So I'll go get some cash and hit the grocery store in Brookings. I should really have a camera. It's taken me a couple hours to make a couple images closely approximating the view. This is very nearly the view out my windshield as I was pulled up to the cash machine after the gas station debacle and before the grocery store, and the image link is the approximate view out my passenger side window on the way home from the grocery store.

I may see these tomorrow and find them all wrong, but for now they look really about as close as I can make them come. Baby blue ocean and salmon sunset, and then black navy blue ocean and burnt umber horizon... roughly.