not acceptable whatsoever

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This video is a perfect incarnation of how humans are controlled by psychopaths, how we are duped into participating in our endless enslavement to their exalted livelihood. How many internet lunatics have become radically popular on this? How many fervently grateful donations are being doled out behind this action? How convenient is this panic to that pack of mindfuckers sucking out our marrow?

Hark, just a few minutes ago BB2 brought in a hugely pertinent link carrying a little-known fact worth considering carefully in this utterly wholly unacceptable whatsoever state of affairs. But Orion has moved from overlooking my driveway to overlooking my garden, and the sun sets further north in recent years than it did when Orion was overlooking my driveway. Yes, those tidbits may yet be attributable to something more mundane, like my celestial confusion, but they are not based on unobserved anomalies. And, I'm sorry, a radical increase in ocean temperature is a solid factor when considering why starfish are disintegrating in the northeastern Pacific... vastly more so than heavy metals getting there from Fukushima to nuke them....

This is not about the kind of anthropogenic climate change they've been training you to believe in for so many years. It's anthropogenic alright, but man can, and does, now control the weather. And can, and does, control radiation. And can, and does, cause earthquakes. Man also has the entire globe covered in a different sort of radiation that does kill the same way ionizing radiation does... but you are not even grinding up your cell phone and wifi, let alone dismantling the towers beaming this shit over every single living thing, let alone the first part of competent to knock out the satellites beaming this shit over every single living thing. No! You are entirely too busy obediently flipping over the horrific "accidents" we are, in point of fact, unable to confirm by any other means than what we think we know already, by our conditioning, by our education in the superstitious crap they allow to be taught to the masses.

The nearly complete void of solid information being disseminated to the general public for decades, maybe centuries, maybe millennia is the ENTIRE reason ALL we have to play grownup with is superstition.