not exactly breaking news, you fuck

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The sometimes anchor for Alex Jones who has been helping Sibel talk smack to greatest possible effect is reporting here, currently at the head of Infowars, that the NSA thinks iPhone users are zombies. Apart from me agreeing with the NSA on this point, qualifying that they are perhaps less so than users of other types of cell phones, this is not breaking news. It's three months old... and note he doesn't mention who broke this information in the first place. Yes. Right. Edward Snowden... through Laura Poitras, that closest associate of, and fellow Omidyar journalist with, Glenn Greenwald.

Note also that at least this time he doesn't directly accuse anybody he's been helping to smear of being affiliated with Palantir. Note the lack of sourcing, the lack of content, the lack of respect for us in this headliner. And what is this Satanic pedophilia stuff? What does that have to do with the NSA calling us zombies?

Yer all a buncha zombies!

Oh, yeah? Well, yer Satanic pedophiles!



For anyone new to this issue, or coming in somewhere off in the distant future, the guys who own Palantir are some of the founders of Pay-Pal. Pierre Omidyar, the billionaire founder of eBay, bought Pay-Pal from them years after they'd started it and years ago. They are not his partners. He has no interest in Palantir. It is completely separate from Omidyar, his new media startup, and Glenn Greenwald. Glenn Greenwald's work is completely separate from the new media startup's financial structure. His role is within the nonprofit investigative journalism wing. No money from the nonprofit can go to anyone involved except for salary, and the rules for that are also well demarcated in law, plus all profit from its establishment must either go into the nonprofit itself or be donated to other nonprofits. The smears emanating from Sibel Edmonds and bullhorned via Infowars are either completely or nearly completely without basis in fact.

Picture a car theft ring having parted out their booty and constructed a single automobile from some of the parts. Someone out there, a stranger, not a car thief, Joe Auto Lover, just sees the car, thinks it's particularly cool, and good for his business. So he makes them an offer they can't refuse. He buys the car. It works like a dream. Some of them go off to form another car theft ring and build another car from various of the parted out parts they stole. Years later, someone else pops up and accuses Joe Auto Lover of being a car thief who is involved with not only the illegal construction of his current car, but also with the illegal construction of the second car. I guarantee you Joe Auto Lover will not even be brought to trial because the prosecutor has no basis in fact against him upon which to bring charges... let alone anybody he's hired long after the purchase of his vehicle.

This does not faze Sibel Edmonds.

You can click through from my links in this matter for the evidence, or you can google it up readily enough... or could as of this writing... or you can just click on the founders at this page to content yourself none of them are still at Pay-Pal. Someone please let me know when I've been clear enough on this point.