not to be insensitive

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But... well... excuse me... wouldn't it have to be made transcendentally pleasant for it to be "corrective"?

I don't, of course, condone this stuff, but I do insist it isn't my business. I want to bring this up here because, now that the great fairy story appeaser of imperialism has died, there is heap big reason to worry that white South Africans are going to start being slaughtered at an even more alarming rate than the already alarming rate at which they have already been being slaughtered for quite a few years. But even assuming that does not increase, and even in the best case scenario where it would cease, the psychopaths are now faced with the task of preemptive anti-black propaganda to prime you for when they may want to step in and take South Africa back from its natives. Okay?

I think it is true that some of the tribal customs and cultures do not handle the issues of "modern" humanity that well. I mean, I'm pretty sure there was, or maybe still is, a big problem with the tribal potentates telling men that AIDS is cured by sex with a virgin. This resulted in many pre-pubescent girls being raped by desperate idiots. So, I can even believe they would have a similarly psychedelic cure for lesbianism. Still, sorry, this is not my business, and in any case, it isn't grounds for hostility or interference with the whole country.

Although, Afrikaner genocide would be....