there is another possibility

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I have listened to this before, but decided to listen again when I ran across the link today, and I have to point out that there is another explanation for the general nonchalance of the nukes industry and the psychopaths in charge of everything... dumped in the sea right by San Francisco in 55-gallon drums, lack of action on Fukushima, letting plants be radically too old and leaking.... They may have created the hysteria from early days for the sole reason of preventing it from getting into the hands of anyone they didn't want having it.

Having it creates the ability to blow things up spectacularly. Having it creates the ability to boil water on a scale that will power everyone's homes and businesses on a metered basis for however long it takes for the people to cotton onto the game.

I suggest you listen to this... carefully... and see how it fits with the observables.

I have been hitting hard on this subject because there really is too much that just does not follow... and every day that goes by adds weight to the notion that the microwave radiation now covering the earth really is as hazardous as they have been saying ionizing radiation is for most of our whole lives... so, yep, it's time to listen to Galen Winsor again.


This, much as it pains me to mention it, can also may account for why not Alex Jones, nor Jeff Rense, nor John B has even alluded to the EPA link I've been pleading with them for a whole week to report on... not that any of them may believe nuclear waste isn't deadly, but that there is a controlling imperative to keep everybody in a state of high terror. They keep tuning in when they're scared. They stay children when they are kept in a state of hysteria for a sustained enough basis to render them credulous, obedient, tame. This does not only serve the psychopaths, and people busy scraping a living find this sweet spot all too quickly.

Like those who get rich and famous cracking jokes about the slaughter and enslavement and corruption.

99.999% of the time the profit and popularity imperatives blank morals so completely often they cease even to bother one. This is so because there are so many really good, way, so way immediately workable, excuses for it pre-fab and you believe them. The mass hypnosis, the consensus trance, the mental conditioning being poured into you since birth, is so close to invulnerably strong, your only option is to scramble for enough seniority within the lie... if... you... will... not... do... the... work... to... wake... up.

It's why I'm here. This is the whole reason I'm still alive.


Well, and here is a much more politically correct discussion of nuclear fission and its use as a power source. It has to be admitted that the main source of our education in this physics, certainly the most indelible one, was the movie... The China Syndrome. This fellow makes short work of that big mistake.

What he says about the melted core at Chernobyl is also true. 100% true. Even supposing he is trying his hardest to cover over gaping discrepancies that could kill us all, he has made some vital points... and... you need to sit with just how exquisitely useful it is to keep us terrified about this stuff... to goose us with disaster movies and propagandists who are convinced they are working tirelessly to save our lives... to keep the doom jocks primed with "experts".... It may seem counterintuitive, but keeping us out of our wits with fear is radically more profitable in so many ways than letting us get comfortable enough with this stuff to use our heads.

Today was a good day for me to find these links because I don't do terrified very well. I hit a peak and cease to entertain it. I do not just shut my mind to it. I shut my adrenals to it. Before I got serious with Zen there were times when my body would not cooperate with this demand. It will now. It does now.