unit 3 was the one with mox in it

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Not mere uranium, but also plutonium, which is even worse... but provides a clever way to pretend you are making the world a safer place when decommissioning warheads. As you well know, I don't think Fukushima is radioactive anymore, but, since I could be wrong, this story means there is a possibility the steam from last week could be in some part blown over here by now, or by soon. I don't think that's on either, but I have never been able to grasp how particles from heavy metals can even stay lethal when sufficiently bitty to get up into the air, let alone high up into it. I can hang with the concept on the matter of DU irradiated dust whipped up off the desert. That tracks. But not the atomic particles wafting off a melted nukes core after a certain distance. That doesn't make sense to me. They degrade to not radioactive before they get very far, no?

Just in case, you ought to be reminded not to stop whatever radiation cleansing measures your denial-prone brain has allowed you to take thus far anyway. It stays important no matter what because there's too much radiation wafting around this planet nowadays. Period. And because all those measures are good for your general health when living in such a monstrously toxin-laden environment as we have made of our home.

Don't be dim.