why i keep making the time

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I don't blame them for not being able to handle the snow. They never get snow. They have no experience. I blame them for freaking out that the government didn't close schools, etc. WTF? Do you need the school to be closed for you to decide to just keep the kids at home? Do you need to be reminded that you are clueless about driving in the snow? Can't you make even the most elementary decisions for yourself? Are you so much of a slave child it never crosses your mind to make and take your own precautions?

Are you such a zombie you can't tell that "news" items like this are published to keep you this infantile?

I mean, I'm darn sure not even the government officials are adult enough to cope with this, but I'm also sure some power is at work to redouble the odds against you waking up. So pervasive is this that I do feel the desire to do things like stay up all night to listen to Michael Tsarion railing against the self-murdered, even though I've heard it before.

Which reminds me, I have decided that his big deal about the self is definitely him trying to rip bliss ninnies' minds out of the glue, and not merely his own delusion trying to muscle out the ancients. It took me a long time. It took me too long. But he's so convincing. And I have to say that I do not disagree with him on this point anymore, either, no matter how much respect I have for the ancients. They were not working against mindfuckers like we've got out there "teaching" nowadays. They did not have throngs of mindfucked zombies weakly pawing at whatever purports to be their way out, and since we now do, this is the best shot at stripping mere imitation out of it.

It's too easy for pigs to memorize. The controllers have sewn it up into a neat bow for too many charlatans to spout online for profit. And the sickness inhering their delusions of ingenuousness gives me a raging case of the shits, okay? My body goes crazy in its effort to purge enough of the toxins to keep alive. So, even though I think he's still got a couple things not carefully enough formulated, still saying them wrong, for the most part, anyone who wants real help growing into himself, or herself, should spend the time to listen to this however many times it takes for some of the nuances to sink in.

If yer computer can't handle a six-hour video, Promethean Reach has it in four parts.

Just remember that real teaching is not bound to canon. And you know it cannot be real if it is. The problem is that successful teachers attract copycats, and not always nefarious ones, maybe even usually just totally worshipful ones who don't have the first clue they are full of shit. Well... they actually do have that first clue, but they are not conscious of it exactly. Even when it's uppermost in their minds all the time they are so used to calling it something else that they honestly don't realize it. You know this is going on with them when they become hostile toward your friendly input really quickly. It's their ego ready to kill to keep them in the dark.