yes, using smarts

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As opposed to parking them and letting nine men freeze to death on the street.


Am looking at the radars and it's looking to me as though the rain has gotten to Old Uncle Dave and Agent BB2, but has given Billy and jo6pac a miss. It has been darn pleasant here, weatherwise, for the past few days. Mostly just intermittent sprinkles, enough to keep everything damp, with fog lacing through everything... a mixture of clarity and fuzziness. There have been a couple bouts of outright rain lasting ten minutes or so each... might've poured when I was sleeping... but, generally darn pleasant.

I mean, yes, there has been an alarming diminution in our rainfall here this year, but nothing like the rest of the state, which has had exactly zero rain. Thing is: There are masses of pinheads in the metropole. It appears to me that the rain has slipped behind the Bay Area but managed to get most everything else in Northern California down to almost exactly Sacramento wet. This means all recently retired pinheads spread across our miles and miles of miles and miles and all the still pretending to function pinheads in the greater Sacramento area are, wetness notwithstanding, behind the wheels of their vehicles. We must fear for our best agent's life. My suggestion is for him to just stay at the office until the commuters have all killed each other.