again, no surprise at all, but wonderful to have proof

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Anyone with some knowledge of the back side workings of websites has seen particularly obtuse adversity coming from industrial parks in Virginia, and from particularly large federal installations, military bases, spy agency campuses, places smudged out on Google Earth... for at least a decade already. So we know this already and don't like being taken for fools, which has been very easy because everybody only had evidence. No proof. Now we have the proof.

But what I want to know is: What are we doing about it? The means to make our lives more miserable has become steadily more sophisticated, and stealthier, but what is being done to block that action? The very same technology being used to stifle encryption, seems to me, ought to be able to stifle these intruders. Where's this new internet everyone says we need and some say is coming? Where are the publishing platforms designed to ID the trolls and block them? Where are the hardware and operating system developers? Are they being suicided?

Or is the anxiety enough to deter them?