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Albeit late. John B's new show has been swamped. The throngs of people trying to tune in have thus far swamped all the servers they have tried to throw at it. This is actually good news. It means there's a good chance his venture will be a success... a big success.

I was miffed that he did not respond to my having sent him the link about the nukes dump off the Farallons, but it seems he was embroiled in the matter of his dismissal from C2C. The creep, George Noory, unlike John B himself, knew John B's numbers were off the charts and wouldn't have it. I'm sure it was not all Noory. Hard to imagine the station's owners being happy to produce a lot of the stuff John B was exploring. No? Yes. And I wonder sometimes if George didn't have a stroke or something. Seems to me his old fakiness suddenly became compounded by an inability to nix questions on his script that had already just been answered, that his regular level of inattention suddenly got so much worse than the hard to bear it had been... but maybe I'm just trying to justify my own sudden inability to endure it. In any case, it did become so unbearable to me quite some time ago that I would not listen to him except in the very rarest cases... when someone I trust told me I had to hear whoever George was victimizing. I think that was just over once... I had to abort my second try.

I, for one, am happy about this whole John B thing. There was no chance he would have been allowed to perform up to his own potential on C2C. Now he has that chance, and I think he can be excused for not noting the nukes dump because of all the added chaos thrown his way at the same time.

The same is not true for Alex Jones and Jeff Rense. If either one of them has even mentioned it and I don't know about it, I will be happy to stand corrected, but I made such a flap about it to both of them that the outright zero response from both camps has soured me on the matter of their motives. I have not loved a lot of what goes on with any of these guys, but have had faith in their dedication to telling the truth when they see it until this. I did not expect them to personally answer me, but I did expect them to speak of it or publish it on their websites, and there has not been even a peep. It made, I think, both of them shut up about the "Northern California Beach Radiation" thing, but... that doesn't count for much after the huge deal they made out of it, now does it?