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I still feel he has not droned enough humans to death, but I'm just biased.


I was wrong about it being stopped raining today....

It stopped a little bit this morning, but mostly it's just lightly sprinkling out there.

I've been doing my listening rounds today. Most of them people who, to one degree or another, really think they have the answers to the world, think they are intelligent and have worthy things for you to listen to them saying. Earlier, I heard one of the worst of these talking about "moral pulchritude" and just now one of the least oppressive of these talking about a great "vacuous hole" opening up in front of you.

And, no, the first was not talking about people with womanly flesh having morals and the second of these was not talking about a hole full of mindlessness. I do know that talking live kind of public speaking can create backups in the mentation apt to cause these kinds of brain farts where the mouth has gone off without the brain before the processing even has time to let the ear input catch up too late, but, yeesh.

I mean, heck, I love fucking around with words. It's fun and it's a relief to the inner urge to be expressive, but, these scrapes to my eardrums on top of the frequency ringing are creating chaos all across the mindscape.


It's nearly eight and I'm thinking I gotta start getting ready to be in bed, to get in there and fall asleep like most people do when they get in bed, and then wake up really early and get ten times more into my day than usual, and keep that up, somehow, somehow I have not already tried and failed with over the course of sixty years. I want to be a person who gets a nice leisurely morning while it's still dark and who's up for it for when the dawn comes. Dawn is so gorgeous here.

Sundown is seriously gorgeous, but dawn in some ways is even more gorgeous than that... well... actually... dawn exactly here isn't quite as inspiring as other places because there are mountains in the way of it. It has all the same elements but they are shorter and less intense because the sun's already not as sideways as it was when it came up on a flat horizon. I think this is why people who live in Hawaii are all so stuck up about the quality of light there. They have the flat horizon all around them AND the reflectivity of the ocean to enhance the light that much more.

Anyway, anyway, my sleep disorders. I'm done with them. Why can't they take the hint?