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Of course not. He failed. Not only that, but he lived to a ripe old age without even making that failure into a success. Or, to be pointed about it, he didn't risk anything but his job, a job the loss of which is always more profitable anyway. So of course we don't care.
Today, there’s an underlying assumption that exposing dark government secrets is somehow transformative in itself, even without a wider politics to frame it. It’s hard to know where that silly assumption comes from: a vestigial Freudian faith in the transformative power of dark secrets brought to light? Are we really that foolish?

What we have instead: No hearings, no politics, no frame to make sense of this or to transform our lives for the better. Instead, we have the language of public relations and marketing, the rush to frame the story, feeding the outrage monkey and nothing to show for it.
You're perpetuating precisely what you're complaining about....