for those of a new age cast of mind

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I have long been in the habit of taking the insulting approach, because, excuse me, they are bliss ninnies, children, but so many of them are so stubborn that it could amount to a type of courage if we only could flip them out of their solipsism. So here you have my semi-Zen-with-space-aliens Aussie talking with Mark Passio, and beside being vital listening for ninnies, it's also good for helping the rest of us keep our priorities and aspirations for a better world right in the front of our minds.

I keep trying to listen to as many people of different casts of mind as I can. Sometimes it just gets too stupid, or too selfish, or too self-righteous, or too ill-intensioned for me to link here. Sometimes too much so for me to keep listening to. Like the jackasses out there who freak out about input from people they've been trained to revile. How many times do I have to scream that if we have been trained to revile someone, that almost certainly means they were or are upholders of truth?

Last night I linked you to an old interview with mtsar by the originally sweet and soft and smart Henrik Palgren. I almost cried to listen to it because I miss that Henrik, the one before he married into smugness and became enamored of the wrong kind of libertarianism, the airy-fairy kind, the give-up-thinking kind, the not-really-loving-at-all kind. It occurs to me to bring it up again tonight because, really, I bet you did not listen, and it ends up being so revealing of the real problem of life on this planet, and I don't want you to miss it unless you're just determined to ignore all of it. If it is any help in convincing you, you can safely skip the first 45 minutes of it.

So whether you are "burping butterflies and farting rainbows" or just fed up with this benighted idiocy, we need this stuff more than anything right now. The spirit must be full of courage and love and strength. You can't get there from here if you will not at least temporarily drop your conditioned and habitual concerns and pay attention. Even if you don't agree with a bunch of it, there is so much in these that is so worth your consideration.