i'm mostly in bed with the chief inspector

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I have been in there trying to sleep for about sixteen hours. I black out for ten or twenty minutes and wake up for ten or twenty minutes, so, technically, I guess I've gotten in my eight hours... but... well... it's not really sleep... at all... it's something else I don't know what to call it or how to describe it. It has the quality of being dead to the world and barely below consciousness at the same time. It is not restful. I've been doing it episodically for decades.

I actually think this constitutes an improvement in my overall health. It's more like normal than most of the time over the last eight or so years. So I get to feel this daffy mix of gratitude and vexation along with my nods of unsleep. I know you can't tell from out there, but I'm actually a fascinating creature. ;)

It's been raining solid all day. Real rain. This is surpassingly good for the trees, but the guys down in the Valley are not having it so good... yet, anyway. My fingers are crossed.

Please leave me a link if anything important has come up while I'm loafing around with my innate weirdness... or... you could kick back and watch with me....