i've been trying to plot our escape from google again

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Looking into the multiplicity of brain-numbing outlets for accomplishing this great getaway, holding up somewhat dully, not trying to laser my way into understanding all that impenetrable lingo, but just sort of stupidly taking it in and seeing what general picture emerges. I may shortly have the moxie to inquire of an Icelander how much it would cost me for them to both make my design and host it.

Then I discovered the convoluted method by which one converts an audio made on Garage Band into an mp3 toward the possibility of blathering into it for your edification, enjoyment, horror and disbelief. That could end up being more doable than I thought, and, though it's been many years, I used to entertain the living snot out of people via tapes from my now dead dictaphone, and might be able to revive the old girl for such an adventure. I don't know. I'm just telling you that it's crossed my mind and I might make some stabs at it back here, see how it feels.

Then I decided I'd had quite enough brain bogglement for one day and to just go somewhere to completely shake it off. Made the mistake of turning on Social Darwinist Radio's interview of Karen Hudes and then going to look at the links she provided. I only got a couple inches into it before I recognized I was embarking upon something quite as brain-numbing as I'd just sought to shake off... and... surprise! I snapped it off. Bliiitliblat. Pft. Disappeared.

So I went for the Piano Guys and found them playing to the polar bears.