passio shorter version

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I am starting to get confused about which videos I've linked here already, and which I meant to link more than once, and whether this is either of those. I know I've already linked a lot on this move to snap the bliss ninnies out of it, but I think this might be the most succinct version.

I determined a long time ago that Mark Passio knows what he's talking about, mystery-school-wise, and I was listening to a snippet first thing this morning that led me to wonder if he might not be dropping/modifying a formerly crucial bit in order to get through the goo built up by charlatans using very technical terms as buzz words for so long. I think that may be exactly what he's doing because I noticed him slip and come back around to the original unmodified point when wrapping up a talk.

This is important stuff. Realized humans need to be able to communicate with the sleepers who are trying to wake up. I have had a hard time digging down to it in these Western Schools types I'm finding online because I just never have felt close to such left brain modes of seeing and explaining. The koan and imagery of the Eastern Schools have felt more lucid to me and so those have been my way in, but the fundamental reality is the same from any of the ten directions and if a more left brain mode makes more sense to you, you should pay close attention to Mark Passio or Michael Tsarion.