summon your courage, man

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You will be giddy over how much more alert you are after you've stopped poisoning yourself. Takes years off inside a few weeks... and pounds... a respectable and very, very fast slimming. These are just the really noticeable perks of swearing off the real hillbilly heroin. Your general state of health, and your future health are both optimized radically.

It's not easy. It's not that hard either. The worst of it is passed in the first week. And did you know that there are potato chips now, from Boulder Canyon, that contain potato, avocado oil and sea salt? Only? All organic and certified non-GMO and kettle batched not to exceed whatever temperature it is that makes potato chips carcinogenic. So you don't even have to give up snacks!

You just have to give up grains. Most particularly wheat, but all of them should be considered GMO tainted, avoided and you won't be sorry. You probably won't be as bad as I am with the wheat. Now if I eat any wheat I'm barfing up my toes inside two hours, but I can still eat other grains without barfing. I just feel like crap, draggy, for a day or so after, say, a bowl of cream of rice cereal, and so I still have that in my cupboard for emergency purposes only. Most people who swear off grains are like that with wheat too... not barfing, but not well either... wheat's definitely the worst of them. And do not fall for the "gluten free" versions of everything appearing on the grocery shelves. First, it's not gluten free, and second, it's not only the gluten doing it. You don't realize it now because you've always eaten this stuff. People don't even know to suspect what it's doing to them, and few will even let the suggestion of cutting out the grains really sink in, even when their doctor mentions it.

Don't be a jackass.

Pay attention.

I don't want this hassle either. They stick flour in everything. It's a damn drag to find out how much you are eating that is actually laced with poison, and it becomes really untenably difficult to deal with eating out, or at friends' houses, but... goddammit! It's poison. It's harming you, and the older you are the more noticeably it's impeding you. Believe me! I couldn't even understand what in the hell was wrong with me before I finally swore off for real, no cheating. I was getting so sick, so nauseated and unhappy, in no discernible pattern, and then, of course, outright barfing... and not, not, not just a one-off friendly purge, but epic barf-outs, complete with all over sweats and tears and snot, so paroxysmal I had to sit on the john and barf into the waste basket or completely lose enough balance not to drown in it all.

I keep bragging to you that I learn. I'm not saying I learn the easy way.

But this means, for certain, that wheat is poison. Yes, I'm definitely more sensitive than most, but just because you're not barfing doesn't mean you are poisoned less. That does not follow. It's not a mere allergy. I was eating that shit for sixty years. It might even be what caused my thyroid problem! There's a slim chance I might recover from it eventually, but even if I don't, that shit is poison.

Yes, I am a kind of health nut, but, no, I'm not a prude or a victim of a self-righteously clean lifestyle. They are trying to kill us. Most of the doctors don't even know they were trained to kill us instead of heal us, and they are all so harried they don't even have the time, in most cases, even to stop and look into what's really going on. The health food industry has mostly just sold out to fads. They make boatloads of money on information they do know is bogus.

The fancy health food market down in Crescent City has sacks of soy flour for sale! All soy is GMO and full of estrogen. Think of your prostate! Don't eat it! They sell bottles of, no shit, organic corn syrup! Your pancreas! You assholes! It's a thousand times worse after you hit fifty! And gets exponentially worse from there. Our digestive systems are all weakened from this shit and stop wanting anything but sugar, quick carbs, because it's the easiest to "digest". I put quotes around that word because you're not digesting it! You are coating your intestines with thick layers of impenetrable to anything but sugar cement. Sugar is cancer food and it exhausts your pancreas.

They think old people are turning into drunks in such record numbers because it eases the pains of decrepitude and loneliness. No. It's quick fixes for our sugar addictions. And don't think sugar substitutes will make up for it! They're worse! They trigger the same addiction mechanism, but since they are not delivering the goods, it makes the urge more insatiable and delivers extra toxins!

Just face it.



And, don't forget, bread starts turning into sugar before it even hits your stomach.