the ignoble chessboard

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While we're kept busy with Ukraine... guess where else the agents provocateurs are busy.... The psychopaths mean business. The one thing they can't lose is the idiots' perception that they are saving the people from despots... when they are actually besmirching, antagonizing, subverting, attacking and slaughtering everyone who is saving the people from despots.

So I am asking you to buck any pressure you come across to revile any more world leaders the psychopaths are undermining. I know each and every one of you comes across scumsuckers who are obediently ripping Putin and/or Maduro or obediently cheering on the snipers picking off police in Ukraine. I don't care if you are a card-carrying "lefty" or a screaming "righty". Don't succumb to it. You don't need to be part of a club whose sole effect on the world is slaughter.


No, really.