the intercept

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It's here. And:

This is the kind of thing one has to hear... and see... and know....


Of course, you know I don't normally bother with Democracy Now! anymore, but this is important. Note that the government fucks are saying exactly what Sibel Edmonds, the envious eyelash batting never-got-around-to-exposing-anything nonwhistleblower, has been saying, may still be saying, and you should bear this in mind whenever you are tempted to delude yourself she's giving you worthy news and analysis.

Do you think she's being just a dumb rube or do you think the psychopaths just loved her vicious rants so much they decided to circulate them as talking points? Did they give them to her? Was her vaunted ex-NSA source tricking her or in league with her? How much of the negativity slung at Greenwald, Scahill, Poitras, Omidyar over the past few months has been the product of our habitually paranoid cynicism and how much of it was generated to bring them down?

Oh, well, here:

Long as I'm making all these exceptions to my own policies, I might as well just embed the short version here.