despite my willingness to die for him

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I have to tell you that Glenn Greenwald depresses the snot out of me. He retwitted Stephen Walt's moronic statement and billmon's twaddle? He's bothering with the Basset Hound's glibly hypocritical propagandizing? It's this endless whimpering, this endless liberal complaint where radical analysis is the only thing that might save us. So I gotta tell you, I do revere Glenn Greenwald's courage and dedication on the matter of whistleblowers and the mulching of journalism, but radical analysis is vital to a decent world and he ain't up for it.


I am still being too oblique.




Though I'm with him on the matter of Jeremy Scahill and an Oscar for Dirty Wars. I have been sick to death of the uselessness of all these documentaries, and don't suppose even this one is going to help enough, but it was a radically more soulful work of art than by far the majority of documentaries. I appreciated it. It was a comfort to me that he reached in like that. So I too want him to win.