i don't think she had a choice

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I don't think she will fall down on the side of the fascists when/if it comes right down to it. I don't think she and Putin have any kind of problem with each other. I think even that this fellow came out with this with her blessing. She's trying to get Germany's gold back from the psychopaths. She's trying to mitigate the direct antagonisms enough that they don't try to start a pushbutton revolution in Berlin. That would, after all, be a good way to blot out the project of returning the gold... and only Germany's association with the EU is preventing it. If she pisses them off too much, well, what could be easier than painting a Hitler mustache on her? The louder the opposition gets, the German people get, against this, the better cover she has for not going along with the next step in the psychopaths' push for global domination.

The whole approach has been to slowly turn off their tap until they are no longer able to prosecute WWIII.