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I know he's been dead for well over a decade, but, somehow, I think he'll never really die.


Thought, it couldn't get any weirder, so, heck, I'll check to see what Ben has to say:
March 1, 2014, 11:30 A.M. [which was sometime in the evening of 2/28 here] Japan Standard Time Special news alert: About three hours ago Russian special forces engaged US ground troops in the Ukraine, according to Russian government and gnostic illuminati sources. This move was in response to the imminent bankruptcy of the Federal Reserve Board.
Is there anyone else on this planet who can sound so disjointedly oblique? Whenever anyone asks, he just says he's only reporting what his sources told him and/or he isn't at liberty to be clear, still.... Very often stuff he's been so strange about starts popping up in more scrutable form in completely unrelated quadrants.


I am torn between glee and bewilderment here. I mean, I am so relieved, but also it never crossed my mind they would obey the coup leaders. It never crossed my mind that the fucks fomenting this outrage were not perfectly cognizant that nothing they did in Kiev would wrest the Crimea from Russia.

I know the BRICS and SCO plan has been to slowly retreat from the dollar hegemony and to thwart provocations that would lead to WWIII until the United States and our dwindling cache of allies are too broke to prosecute it. I know, too, that many financial types insist that when the dollar crashes WWIII will start, and that might be why the psychopaths are turning up the provocations despite it being stupid, stupid, stupid. I mean, what? It seems to me they are not dumb enough to be doing what they're doing, that they just want it to look that way... until they... until they what?

Let off a nuke and blame it on someone else?

We're talking about psychopaths here. And they are at their very most dangerous when they are cornered.