something wrong with jan irvin

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I was reminded this afternoon of having jotted down a note to look into the protracted reaction to this piece quite a long time ago, so, stalwart, I just did it. OMG, the caterwauling, ad nauseam, ad nauseam, ad nauseam and most of it on Vinny Eastwood's radio show, was just agonizing to hear, and total twaddle.

So I'm not going to bother anybody with it, except to say that it reminds me so much of his endless retort that nobody ever bothers to look into his arduously compiled "brain database"... which he put together to show the solidity of his psychedelic paranoia about Terence McKenna and so many others he accuses of being agents for the mindfuckers to bring down your basic American. Well, I bothered, and there's just a bunch of words connected to each other and obscure notes and few links that do not say to me what he says they say, so if his book was anything at all like that action, I'm with his detractor here.

This guy came on Vinny's show last year and bad-rapped Irvin for nearly an hour, and Jan then took up something like ten hours coming unstuck over it in tones that sounded so very righteous and scholarly... except the content of it was neither. Utterly astounding. Vinny, of course, knew bubkes about the subject and just let himself be bludgeoned with most of it... nobody, not even Vinny, could say why... and that's the thing that is so pernicious about Jan Irvin's "work". He bluffs many credulous people into assuming he must know what he's talking about because of his tone and vehemence.

Nobody even thinks to suspect that could be coming out of a maniac who is either dumb as a post or a con artist... well... maybe also outright floridly mentally deranged... a flaw in his operating system....

As I've said before, you bring any objection to his stuff to his attention at risk of your sanity and patience.

Job himself would smite him before the first hour of it had gotten out.

Thus has run my late afternoon and early evening attention stream.