watch out abby martin

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I am sick to death of the intellectualizing back and forth on the crisis in Ukraine. Nobody who has been paying attention need even suppose Russia would ever need to "invade" the Crimea. Balderdash! They've had thousands of troops there 24/7/365 for many 24/7/365s. That's not an invasion or an incursion or whatever other bullshit label you see slapped on it. The troops on the bases are surely not exclusively on their bases, have friends and sweethearts all over the place there, and most of the locals are Russians in everything but name anyway.

If there had been any confusion or inclination to slowness in reaction time there, which I can't imagine there would have been, but even supposing there were, the word would've gone out early in the game, and Putin wouldn't have had to so much as snag his fingernail to be 100% confident that the Crimean people themselves would block access by coup forces.

And there isn't the first part of one thing wrong with him standing ready to come to their aid either.

Please tell me, please, if I missed something, that there is more cause for this horse shit than guys in green military-style attire blocking free access by possibly hostile Ukrainians. And so this crap about quoting Kissinger and allowing as how the Russian side isn't any more given to truth than the "Western" side. Balderdash! We've been seeing and hearing for years now that they are radically more given to truth than the psychopath fucks, the filthy fascist psychopaths, who are running "Western Civilization".

Get real.

In fact, it's almost inconceivable to me that the Crimea, and probably even more of the Ukraine, won't be clambering to be reabsorbed by Russia. The People are going to be adamant for that by now. How couldn't they be? Seriously. Give me a break.

Now, as for the second part of this issue from the Nefarium, if Farrell is onto something, and he well might be, Abby Martin's life is at risk, and not, not, not from the Russians.


The shit Putin has taken to lead Russia out of hell has been epic! And he has done it with great, great dignity... and humor. We have so much to be grateful for from him... and, indeed, from the people of Russia... yet, even supposed level-headed intelligencia in the West are so ready to concede that Russian media is as apt to pump the world full of shit as ours is?


The only established news outlet I frequent is RT, and, beside looking at the despicable Daily Mail every day for animal posts and pictures posts, I almost completely ignore all the others... some of them I won't even follow a link to no matter who linked them. Despite knowing that, yes, much of it will be from a Russian POV, or a POV that isn't anti-Russian, I watch and listen and read RT because I know they are not lying... not pumping out stuff designed to make the world safe for Global Conquest... airing many of the journalists and pundits we all loved but who could not get a wide audience... indeed could get no mention at all in our MSM.

In fact, RT is "our MSM" now, no? Yes.

They have proven their worth over and over. We wouldn't have any idea of what the truth of events might be without them. Farrell has even discussed this in interviews a bunch of times. I'm really irked by this blather in response to some jaded fuck comment on his YouBube channel. It pisses me off when people keep up with this despicable I'm-a-reasonable-person theater when the stakes are so high. It irks me when there's nothing more than someone's stupid self-image at stake, but I want to pluck my eyeballs out when it's this important. All of us know we can't turn our brains off and ignore any dastardliness from any side, but, fuck you, we can discern how reasonable you are without this bluff and give me some examples of RT undermining anyone but the same murderating fucks who are trying to kill us.