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That's for neophytes. I went off into Zen and dumped the brain racing thing. It didn't make the insomnia go away. There are a heck of a lot of people in the comments section who are insomniac. One longs for the bliss of sleeping from 1lpm to 5am.... That's only near bliss. I used to think 9pm to 5am was perfect, but I'm starting to think 8pm to 4am might be the real perfection... especially if one eats their main meal around noon. I mean, I can hang with the notion there is someone out there who thinks six hours' sleep a night would be bliss, but their brains are sleep-deprived.

I actually think ten hours is perfect, but my brain is sleep deprived, so I stick with the proverbial eight as my goal. The problem with bedtime coming at 8pm, though, of course, is it's still light out at eight for half the year.... At least at 9pm it's dark for most of the year and getting dark for a few months.... Just trying to get my fantasies perfected, here, you understand.