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I haven't seen one clown in a Guy Fawkes mask anywhere near the Bundy Ranch... not even on the subject of the Bundy Ranch. Our heroic Worldwide Wave of Fascist Zombies [of merciful inaction] had/has a pretty healthy war chest. Did they even send any money to feed these guys? I'd like to hear the answer to that question, even though I think I already know it.


Blasting honking blaring... red blue purple alert! This just in: nines is wrongo bongo buffalo breath! Yaaaaaay!


I made a playlist for you.

Why don't we live that constitution and be happy in America? —Cliven Bundy

Well, partisan pinheads would be one major reason we don't, but there are many, and I hope that's all coming to an end. I hope you will take the time for this, and I hope you will donate what you can to the cause.